Winter is Coming #2|[SKZ CODE] Ep.02

Winter is Coming #2|[SKZ CODE(스키즈 코드)] Ep.02
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  • Khoree Laguerre
    Khoree Laguerre11 小时 前

    7:33 What is the song?

  • Inzhu
    Inzhu15 小时 前

    Awww Hyunjin is so cuteeee, miss him sm🥺

  • Dk
    Dk天 前

    Hyunjin why you are so cute 👍

  • Dk
    Dk天 前

    Oh my god Felix's voice ❤️❤️

  • Joyia McLaren
    Joyia McLaren天 前

    The fact that Han wanted to go one the sled for the longest time killed me

  • Devon J.
    Devon J.天 前

    bang chan: *does anything* everyone else: omg he’s so old

  • Kmanjune
    Kmanjune2 天 前

    They are literally hilarious

  • Ripki Fajrian Inayatulloh
    Ripki Fajrian Inayatulloh2 天 前

    6:34 haha ​​what's wrong with Lee Know 😂

  • Ripki Fajrian Inayatulloh
    Ripki Fajrian Inayatulloh2 天 前

    1:47 I love it when Han's part slides smoothly and fast haha ​​💁😂

  • Alex_
    Alex_2 天 前

    Felix's part got me like 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aislinn Hughes
    Aislinn Hughes2 天 前

    🚨 reminder to keep creating Whosfan accounts for this week’s episode! Stray kids fighting ❤️

  • karen dammog
    karen dammog2 天 前

    7:40 - 8:14 they're watching too much anime

  • Saidat Lasisi
    Saidat Lasisi2 天 前


  • vivicha a
    vivicha a2 天 前

    3:15 テーニースー

  • S̷t̷a̷y̷ s̷t̷r̷a̷y̷
    S̷t̷a̷y̷ s̷t̷r̷a̷y̷2 天 前

    Han jisung 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He is the funnyst ⚠️

  • Bryne Alcantara
    Bryne Alcantara2 天 前

    Han jisung with glass is sooooo uwu

  • Jungwon’s ꕥ Mangoes
    Jungwon’s ꕥ Mangoes3 天 前

    11:02 - Changbin have honestly never seen someone get so dizzy in their life

  • sk1 chan
    sk1 chan4 天 前


  • Zelo Shane
    Zelo Shane4 天 前

    Yayks AHAHAHAHA instead of watching games I just watched a comedy show AHAHAHAHAHA

  • xukunluv
    xukunluv5 天 前


  • Denzel Ann Francisco
    Denzel Ann Francisco5 天 前

    4:13 thank me later :,)

  • Rawan
    Rawan5 天 前

    lino so cute

  • Esma
    Esma6 天 前


  • Esma
    Esma6 天 前

    Nobody : Hyunjin Jeongin by looking at : cute

  • Abigail Aguilar silva
    Abigail Aguilar silva6 天 前


  • JunHan Yizhan Minsung
    JunHan Yizhan Minsung6 天 前

    Han's English in 2:54 tho. “As a king, tell something.” I sometimes forgot that he's good at speaking English.

  • SavageLeeKnowYAH
    SavageLeeKnowYAH6 天 前

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  • soobin choi
    soobin choi7 天 前

    Disfrute cada segundo de cada minuto Final epico

  • Zoie Johnson
    Zoie Johnson7 天 前

    1:05 Minho to Chan: "Gosh, you're the king and you can't even do this?" *Literally two seconds later* Minho to Jisung: "Han, do your best! :)" I can't with Minho's favoritism, it's so cute.

  • Catherine Lemus
    Catherine Lemus7 天 前

    Felix: Stay... Winter is coming Me: on my knees 🛐

  • Stream boy by Treasure
    Stream boy by Treasure7 天 前

    9:07 that's my baby

  • Stream boy by Treasure
    Stream boy by Treasure7 天 前

    2:20 me nung nakuryente

  • Stream boy by Treasure
    Stream boy by Treasure7 天 前

    0:37 why I am finding this is so cute

  • Sophia M
    Sophia M7 天 前

    3:15 (just a timestamp for me)

  • shelby singson
    shelby singson8 天 前


  • Payal Patil
    Payal Patil8 天 前

    I love how they put B me track music on 12:24

  • 배미유
    배미유8 天 前


  • KEITO 0606
    KEITO 06069 天 前


  • Nina Perkins
    Nina Perkins9 天 前

    lmao i really tried to analyze chan's golf swing 10:10

  • penny
    penny9 天 前

    felix looks so pretty 🥰

  • Jaye The LightFury
    Jaye The LightFury9 天 前

    How did I just now notice Felix checking his nonexistent watch while Han and IN fought slow mo? XD

  • alice.
    alice.9 天 前

    ayo did minho watch demon slayer cuz he just did what Zenitsu did

  • No No
    No No9 天 前

    Why is no one talking about Felix’s voice that makes it sound/look cooler




    That Felix Changbin Seungmin Sandwich is so sweet

  • Kd Zzz
    Kd Zzz9 天 前

    They are so funny 😂

  • Etheral 13
    Etheral 1310 天 前

    Conclusion: To make Bangchan dizzy make him spin 20 times.

  • Tessykinz
    Tessykinz10 天 前

    And still a better ending than game of thrones lol

  • akira chu
    akira chu10 天 前

    Its so obvious that Mr.Chan could have won the game but he gave way so IN could be king too. Help... Im falling more and more each day. Melody here falling for Mr.Chan 💙

  • Maria guzman bautista
    Maria guzman bautista12 天 前

    19:59 que paso????? no entendi

  • snsdx monsta
    snsdx monsta12 天 前

    Yang Jeongin supremacy 😎 yes, sir

  • minh0_o
    minh0_o12 天 前

    they are one of those strange anime kids at school😭😭

  • PinkPoison UwU
    PinkPoison UwU13 天 前

    5:28 Minho: **avoids Seungmin and poses** Me: Zenitsu ???👁👄👁

  • Jenn
    Jenn13 天 前

    LeeKnow letting his balloon free every time gets me, lmao.

  • Muhammad Zulkifli Suryana
    Muhammad Zulkifli Suryana13 天 前

    Lee Know funny...hahahahah

  • J_I S
    J_I S13 天 前


  • Queen Kwon
    Queen Kwon14 天 前

    Still can't get over with Hannie's visuals here.

  • MINSUNG Chimchim
    MINSUNG Chimchim14 天 前

    Enserio los amooo ... Ame este episodio ..ya lo voy repitiendo varias veces ..los amoo

  • Denisse BCD
    Denisse BCD14 天 前

    The way skz loves Jeongin 😭

  • Ag eats
    Ag eats14 天 前

    felix's voice got me💀🦋

  • Ashley Louise R. Zapanta
    Ashley Louise R. Zapanta15 天 前

    18:06 Changbin is a friend that if you fall they will laugh at you first then helping you to get up

  • ぶるーべりー
    ぶるーべりー15 天 前


  • Jon DiStefano
    Jon DiStefano15 天 前

    seems like these kids know when to have fun

  • aishabibi
    aishabibi15 天 前

    Есть русские

  • TheHaikyuHoe •3•
    TheHaikyuHoe •3•16 天 前

    🤣😐 17:27

  • Carl Kun
    Carl Kun17 天 前

    Unfortunately stray kids will never know how much they have helped me. From bang chan’s ‘don’t hurt yourself’, Felix’s radiant and warning, smile Seungmin’s cute and cuddly personality, Hyunjin’s “YOUR BEHAVIOR IS SO UGH!“, IN’s bubbly personality, Changbin’s jokes, Han’s extremely bold and entertaining characteristics and lee know’s INSANE REFLEXES and his ‘You know, I know, lee know!’ All of those have given me so much joy. I used to cry myself to sleep... but then I found Stray kids. Every time I see them I smile and it’s NOT controllable. I really wish they knew how much they helped me and I wish they know the power that have to get me through the hard things I’ve been through. I’m no different from anyone else, except I am me and that is different. Stray kids and stays helped me realize that I’m worth something, not to anyone but I’m something to myself.

  • ෆ נєσηg кαм ෆ
    ෆ נєσηg кαм ෆ17 天 前


  • Aisha Jeewa
    Aisha Jeewa17 天 前

    no bc I.N's little jokes about being terrible at everything are so funny and underrated omg

  • Neko _Cherry
    Neko _Cherry18 天 前

    Stray Kids all standing serios at the end then there’s Han 22:52

  • Toaster Tub101
    Toaster Tub10118 天 前

    I will never get over Jisung just keep on going on the sled. I was laughing so hard.

  • Cecilia Castillo
    Cecilia Castillo18 天 前

    Que lindo Muy luego lindo todo❤

  • STAY 4ever
    STAY 4ever18 天 前

    Our HJ is so clumsy😂😂💖

  • bh na
    bh na18 天 前

    정말 너무 귀엽다 이 친구들

  • zeith zi
    zeith zi19 天 前

    Who was their narrator? Is he a member? Hehehe Im just curious. By the way, its my first time watching stray kidz😁

  • zeith zi

    zeith zi

    12 天 前

    @Dana Thank you😊

  • Dana


    18 天 前

    yes! it was felix who narrated, the one who was crowned king at the start of this ep ^^

  • AZHAR Queen
    AZHAR Queen19 天 前

    ني اتاو او وا اوووو

  • Dami
    Dami19 天 前

    It feels like so long since I've seen hyunjin together with them. Hope he is doing well and he comes back happy and sound. Much love from a stay to a stray xx

  • Dania Gonzalez
    Dania Gonzalez19 天 前


  • fortissimo d
    fortissimo d19 天 前

    I am the same age as Chan and I've never felt so old AHHAHAH

    ᎮᏠᏒᎮᏞᏋ ᎯᎷᏦ20 天 前

    Alternative title: Don't let Skz play with swords

    ᎮᏠᏒᎮᏞᏋ ᎯᎷᏦ20 天 前

    5:48 the caption reminds me of Skz Family, Jisung really made a move on Minho, now Seungmin and Minho are divorced😀 (Jk)

  • KatelynWolfie
    KatelynWolfie20 天 前

    9:05 what’s this song?

  • KatelynWolfie


    18 天 前

    @Dana thank you so much!!

  • Dana


    18 天 前

    pacemaker ! of t album IN LIFE

  • Berru Berru
    Berru Berru20 天 前

    21:18 I don't think ya'll ready to talk about this angle

  • ihearthyunjin


    20 天 前

    it will stay that way...

  • Jinyoung Jeon
    Jinyoung Jeon20 天 前

    3:15 테니스 테니스 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 테니스가 배우고 싶어요! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Erynn Stone
    Erynn Stone20 天 前

    These guys definitely watched Demon Slayer! Lee Know imitating Zenitsu's first form and Han saying he could see a lifeline like Tanjiro does, Changbin crouching down saying he's a boar (Inosuke's whole thing haha), and I'm so happy rn!

  • stay 97

    stay 97

    18 天 前

    Yeah han and lee know likes to watch anime

  • Mel Pass
    Mel Pass20 天 前

    Chan and Binnie fighting for the heart of their king. Felix’s dream has come true.

  • Im Ji Ho
    Im Ji Ho20 天 前


  • Im Ji Ho
    Im Ji Ho20 天 前

    Why neomu neomu cute

  • M egan
    M egan20 天 前

    i love jisung so much omg

  • Stay with Meow
    Stay with Meow20 天 前

    for me Han is the funniest person in the kpop industry

  • Leo Fernandez
    Leo Fernandez20 天 前

    17:27 Hyunjin: XD._.

  • Paul Isaac Coronel
    Paul Isaac Coronel20 天 前

    WOW!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 HAN SO FAST!! I'm literaly crying

  • Introduce yourself
    Introduce yourself21 天 前

    Hyunjin, you're doing great ... don't suffer, don't kill yourself, it hurts me, and not just me... it hurts you even more.. But don't forget, go as if you want to kill, and these bastards are laughing at you, who are they? Who are they against us? NOBODY. Exactly. You have a reliable back, behind which you can hide, throw out emotions. JUST KNOW THIS• YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON. ... -Your faithful back👍

  • stan straykids
    stan straykids21 天 前

    To be honest it looked like Bang chan was deliberately losing I'm not sure but still........... Best leader Bang Chan!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Laura Evans
    Laura Evans21 天 前

    the very heavy references to Demon Slayer during the sword fighting are giving me life

  • Awaaa
    Awaaa22 天 前

    18:06 though 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alya Kilbas
    Alya Kilbas22 天 前

    я не могу найти русские комментарии..

  • Amirah Hosein
    Amirah Hosein23 天 前

    Just me thinking I.N. looks like Jack Frost

  • 髪前
    髪前23 天 前

    3:15 私用

  • Hanane
    Hanane23 天 前

    I just want a camera to film the staffs reactions in these 2 eps

  • Sam_ Mamucud
    Sam_ Mamucud23 天 前

    2:18 don't mind me, just a time stamp for vibrating yongbok