Winter is Coming #1|[SKZ CODE] Ep.01

Winter is Coming #1|[SKZ CODE(스키즈 코드)] Ep.01
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  • Steph Pango
    Steph Pango2 小时 前

    4:06:Changbin be like : Skrtttt. 5:17 : seungmin got that cute slide 9:13: hyunjin cute fall 9:41: lee know *trips* 9:52: lee know slides 9:57: seungmin sleding cutely

  • georgia holton
    georgia holton17 小时 前

    21:56 this is soooo cute 🥰leader bangchan

  • georgia holton
    georgia holton17 小时 前

    17:33 okay bars hyunjin

  • Asian Diva
    Asian Diva17 小时 前

    Felix oooooooooh he's so cute

  • Aneesah Madyun
    Aneesah Madyun17 小时 前

    13:05 its like channie asked them "what do you want for dinner"

  • J_I S
    J_I S19 小时 前


  • dyo bald
    dyo bald20 小时 前

    I'm a new stay and this will be the first video of skz i will watch

  • bad baek

    bad baek

    16 小时 前


  • Nadiroh Izza
    Nadiroh Izza天 前

    인도네시아어 자막 감사합니다

  • Dada 00
    Dada 00天 前

    Han's little gestures is so fckn cute omfg

  • Luisa Moreno
    Luisa Moreno2 天 前

    17:28 Michael Hanckson 😔🙏🏻

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth2 天 前

    I'm like " oh god those aren't snow balls, they're ice balls, they shouldn't be throwing those!" And "oh gosh everyone slipping like that, that's how you get a broken tailbone!" And my daughter's like, "you sound like such a mom"and I guess I agree... 🤔

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung2 天 前

    Soy la unica q cree q en el minuto 2:00 Felix dice hola y vola 😂😂😂 Felix Argentino :D

  • Aislinn Hughes
    Aislinn Hughes2 天 前

    🚨 reminder to keep creating Whosfan accounts for this week’s episode! Stray kids fighting ❤️

  • Abbi Blondeau
    Abbi Blondeau2 天 前

    I love Felix's voice in the beginning

  • 경이로운현진
    경이로운현진2 天 前

    현진오빠 입은 잠바 어디 브랜드 인가요 ㅠㅠ 너무이뻐요

  • Cookin' like a chef Im a 5 star Michelin
    Cookin' like a chef Im a 5 star Michelin3 天 前

    minho and hyunjin teasing each other really made my day HAHAHAHA

  • Hani Hani
    Hani Hani3 天 前

    Leader bangchan taking off the member's helmet so doting AHHHHHHHH PRECIOUS

  • Naomi Mori Silva
    Naomi Mori Silva3 天 前

    it has barely even started and i'm already laughing lol pls stray kids are so funny!

  • Sheepie
    Sheepie3 天 前

    c h a o s

  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha4 天 前

    Is that felix voice who's introducing Stray kids?

  • badtulipx
    badtulipx4 天 前

    they are sooooo incredible i'm watching for the third time in one week, they just make my day more happy. life is boring without stray kids

  • kankana bhowmick
    kankana bhowmick4 天 前

    I would love to watch any documentary if it has felix as it's narrator

  • Dulce García
    Dulce García5 天 前

    Ame la caída de Lee know y I.N, los amos todos son hermosos:')

  • Denzel Ann Francisco
    Denzel Ann Francisco5 天 前

    I like ministop and Jin Ramen Mild too. Hahahha

  • lee nene
    lee nene5 天 前

    We all love you, Bang Chan from Saudi Arabia, specifically Riyadh💛🇸🇦🇸🇦

  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice5 天 前


  • Hafiz Zainal
    Hafiz Zainal5 天 前

    Lee know so cute 😍😍😍

  • 방찬옵하너무조아
    방찬옵하너무조아5 天 前

    방찬씨 햄찌 쏙 닮아서 깨물어보구 시포>0

  • 김한나
    김한나5 天 前

    필릭스 인트로가 미쳤다 쓸데없이 고퀄 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Mel Da Silva
    Mel Da Silva6 天 前

    seungmin 16:27 uhauhauha

  • Marynol Joyce A. Zara
    Marynol Joyce A. Zara6 天 前

    I really miss hyunjin that's why i am watching this over and over again

  • R Moodz
    R Moodz6 天 前


  • Aishwarjyaa
    Aishwarjyaa6 天 前

    lix's voice ! thought twas some movie intro !

  • BiliV
    BiliV6 天 前

    Viéndolo de nuevo pq si

  • SavageLeeKnowYAH
    SavageLeeKnowYAH6 天 前

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  • rockfarm life
    rockfarm life6 天 前

    Oh but to be only 25 again!

  • 조방구.
    조방구.6 天 前

    17:52 ㅋㄹㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㄹㅋㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㄹㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅋ

  • Rin Na
    Rin Na7 天 前


  • Chew Ur Milk
    Chew Ur Milk7 天 前

    Han: Lee Know what do you have??? Lee Know: A KNIFE Han: NO

  • moonlxqxt xxx
    moonlxqxt xxx7 天 前


  • Stream boy by Treasure
    Stream boy by Treasure7 天 前

    They are so cute

  • Stream boy by Treasure
    Stream boy by Treasure7 天 前

    hala baket ang cute nyo

  • 꼼질
    꼼질8 天 前

    14:27 계속 돌려보는중ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ

  • Melyna Roh
    Melyna Roh8 天 前

    Me gustó el Felly locutor xD

  • Po Po
    Po Po8 天 前

    The way Hyunjin laughs at his own joke at 12:18 is so precious

  • hxney child
    hxney child8 天 前

    *How did Felix manage to say these silly names in that deep voice without bursting out laughing*

  • Shynne Grace Montejo
    Shynne Grace Montejo8 天 前

    3:15 Cutie I.N. dancing to Kick It in tiny


    Hello we are ATRIA -group of girsl makes covers- this time we make a cover for STRAY KIDS ... can u as a STAY watch it and give us your opinion about it !? That will really make as happy .. thanks alot for your time and sorry for bothering you ♡︎

  • Fany Cortés
    Fany Cortés8 天 前

    Jsjjajaa amo como bromean a chan por su edad XD pero si está bien joven 👁️👄👁️💖

  • Payal Patil
    Payal Patil8 天 前

    My favourite part 21:08 Han is so cute I just love him ❤️

  • Shamisha Kanchi
    Shamisha Kanchi8 天 前

    22:44 the only moment I didn't like about this video

  • Beyza
    Beyza9 天 前

    3:16 jeongin doing taeyong's hand gesture my stayzen heart🥺😭

  • rei montefalco
    rei montefalco9 天 前

    It's Lee Know and Hyunjin kneeling at the same time in the same way HAHAHA Subtitle: I am you

  • Wan Izzah Atirah
    Wan Izzah Atirah9 天 前


  • Bunda Irja
    Bunda Irja9 天 前

    They are still cute.


    Lowkey wanting han to be by my side erddayy man is so funny



  • Kkami World domination
    Kkami World domination9 天 前

    9:46 Han running toward minho thinking he'll be exempted Minho: Not today baby

  • Bzz Bzz
    Bzz Bzz10 天 前

    is this the game ad XD

  • perla Alejandra perez
    perla Alejandra perez10 天 前


  • Sweet Paghunasan
    Sweet Paghunasan10 天 前

    21:05 so cute

  • Dalifa Fatharila
    Dalifa Fatharila11 天 前

    21:07 I came back for this, little hanrateon

  • moon cherrie
    moon cherrie11 天 前

    they really did a parody of GOT xD this one better be good

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam11 天 前

    Whoa! Felix killed it this episode

  • akira chu
    akira chu11 天 前

    Came here for mr.Chan (after seeing him in kingdom) but i was laughing way too hard with how everyone was roasting him.

  • Princess Bilaro
    Princess Bilaro11 天 前

    pov: you are rewatching this because you miss OT8

  • Alejandra Estrada
    Alejandra Estrada12 天 前

    Los extraño mucho :(

  • snsdx monsta
    snsdx monsta12 天 前

    3:15 I.N is so cute 😭😭😭😭

  • minh0_o
    minh0_o12 天 前


  • Ocha
    Ocha12 天 前


  • Martha Julca
    Martha Julca13 天 前

    Minho y sus lógicas :v

  • MINSUNG Chimchim
    MINSUNG Chimchim14 天 前

    Loss amooo

  • Byeongkwan’s Pigtails
    Byeongkwan’s Pigtails14 天 前

    9:58 seungmin sledding during minho’s turn 🥺

  • Byeongkwan’s Pigtails
    Byeongkwan’s Pigtails14 天 前

    5:32 seungmin’s so cute :(((

  • Fern W
    Fern W14 天 前

    Strong Bread Fighting!

  • Princess Mharrion Palino
    Princess Mharrion Palino14 天 前

    5:12 No one ; Literally no one Seungmin runs like a kid.

  • Princess Mharrion Palino
    Princess Mharrion Palino14 天 前

    other member ; panics while sliding felix ; c a l m.

  • Irina’s thoughts and stuff
    Irina’s thoughts and stuff15 天 前

    did anyone notice they were wearing glasses that they passed around

  • Daisy Helo
    Daisy Helo15 天 前

    Esse episódio está incrível mds ahhahahahahhaha

  • 名前を入力してください
    名前を入力してください15 天 前


  • Sojiix
    Sojiix15 天 前

    The intro!🌼

  • Erli Ana
    Erli Ana16 天 前


  • Mikaela Flores larico
    Mikaela Flores larico16 天 前


  • Tanned Asian
    Tanned Asian16 天 前


  • Rahila Ahmedi
    Rahila Ahmedi16 天 前

    At 14:46 Felix asking if it's 1 litre is the cutest thing I've ever seen 😭😭😭 while Quokka looking like a Damm fashion king lol

  • MC N
    MC N17 天 前

    what song was played at 17:22?

  • MC N

    MC N

    16 天 前

    @wanz eri tysm!!!! i was racking my brain for the title

  • wanz eri

    wanz eri

    17 天 前

    Skz - phobia.

  • goldie
    goldie17 天 前

    21:46 when you try your best but you dont succeed

  • Hwang Hyuna
    Hwang Hyuna17 天 前

    9:49 Han is like: nope- 🏃🏻

  • oceane sa
    oceane sa17 天 前

    7:29 aww

  • Fátima Vianney Montejo Osorio
    Fátima Vianney Montejo Osorio17 天 前

    El flow de Han es todo lo que se necesita en este mundo jajsjjsjsksjaja

  • Ftmh
    Ftmh17 天 前

    Wht's this? There's too many adorable moments in one video help me

  • Fanboy Activated
    Fanboy Activated17 天 前

    I watched this again after Going Dumb was released, I think I.N kinda spoiled it a bit at 20.00..

  • Ari Thonger
    Ari Thonger18 天 前

    Bangchan head and over heels in love with you 😍😍

  • Cecilia Castillo
    Cecilia Castillo18 天 前

    Que lindo verlos divertirse

  • Cecilia Castillo
    Cecilia Castillo18 天 前

    Uff Amo la voz de Fefi

  • Paola González
    Paola González18 天 前

    9:58 made me laugh too much

  • Viliorre
    Viliorre18 天 前

    I love that the houses suit them quite a bit, especially Stark for Chan and Lannister for Seungmin x)). Like,,, very archetypal

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn19 天 前

    the little sound that came out of minho at 17:52 was so cute

  • endino daya
    endino daya19 天 前

    Putting their name in the kingdoms of GOT is just dope, winter really comes

  • jusyhere
    jusyhere19 天 前

    20:02 u guys hear that? u got me going DUMB DUMB DUMB