[Stray Kids : SKZ-TALKER GO! Season 2] Ep.04 'Unlock : GO LIVE IN LIFE'

[Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) : SKZ-TALKER GO! Season 2(슼즈토커 고! 시즌 2)] Ep.04 'Unlock : GO LIVE IN LIFE'
Stray Kids Digital Single "ALL IN (Korean Ver.)"
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  • amælia St
    amælia St17 小时 前

    15:16 your welcome 😏

  • jeongin supremacy
    jeongin supremacy3 天 前

    5:42 what song is this ?

  • jeongin supremacy

    jeongin supremacy

    3 天 前

    nvm , i found it 😫😫

  • Patricia Ann Dela Cruz
    Patricia Ann Dela Cruz3 天 前

    1:47 I want my future husband to look at me like how lee know looks at jeongin

  • Farwa Ali
    Farwa Ali4 天 前

    Why can't I find this concerts anywhere? :/ Can someone link me the Easy and backdoor performances if not all?

  • Mahi Agarwal
    Mahi Agarwal5 天 前

    15:16 let’s appreciate this thing Hyunjin did that made every editor’s life easy

  • Jaritza MXC
    Jaritza MXC5 天 前


  • Anne Claire Bacang
    Anne Claire Bacang6 天 前

    9:40 Try not to harmonize, Channie. Failed.

  • It'sme markuziel
    It'sme markuziel6 天 前


  • FridaStaa
    FridaStaa7 天 前


  • Jada
    Jada7 天 前

    AHHHHHHHHH 15:00

  • pyt. asia
    pyt. asia7 天 前

    The way bang chan was looking at seugmin and han play the guitar was so adorable he looked so proud

  • Jubin Kim
    Jubin Kim8 天 前

    Does anybody know the song swung in was singing at 5:44?

  • crystel virginia Cruz García
    crystel virginia Cruz García11 天 前


  • Fritzle berry
    Fritzle berry14 天 前

    i know your looking for this 15:16 🥴

  • Maria del Carmen Casanova
    Maria del Carmen Casanova15 天 前

    He conocido hombres guapos, atractivos, sensuales, enigmáticos, talentosos, carismáticos; pero HYUNJIN todo esto y más posee, si alguien encuentra más calificativos para EL compartamos x fa

  • Ha Di
    Ha Di15 天 前

    Still waiting for vod jyp ugh

  • Susana
    Susana16 天 前


  • Elz
    Elz17 天 前

    istg i need that changbin singing that's okay by kyungsoo 😭

  • dilara
    dilara19 天 前


  • camila morales
    camila morales21 天 前

    5:40, 교회 합창단

  • chlochlo!
    chlochlo!22 天 前

    9:16 crying

  • Hyunjin Protector
    Hyunjin Protector25 天 前

    Happy Birthday Hyunjin 🥳 I wish you all the best; blessing life, joy, happiness, love, good health: physically and mentally. your dreams will come true. I hope you can be the best version of yourself. you're so talented, beautiful inside and outside. we love all your perfect imperfections. we love you just the way you are. so please always be yourself! you are loved by millions of Stays in the world. we miss you so much! please comeback soon for us!😭

  • Giselle Gonzalez
    Giselle Gonzalez26 天 前

    15:16 just saving this for a frienddd😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  • Lumasova
    Lumasova26 天 前

    3:32 JAJAJA LMAO

  • Neshcy Aye
    Neshcy Aye27 天 前

    8:57 my fav .....



  • olga Barreto
    olga Barreto个月 前

    When asked why I like stray kids so much I have to show these videos 🤣💕💕😍 and also tell their beautiful and difficult trajectory 🥺💕💕😍😍😍

  • olga Barreto
    olga Barreto个月 前

    Haaaaa .... I always feel close to you when I watch these videos ....

  • j.l
    j.l个月 前


  • lee.che_wEydi_a
    lee.che_wEydi_a个月 前

    9:35 what the song guys?🥺🥺

  • lee.che_wEydi_a


    21 天 前

    @Shaima Hasbi omg,tysm!!

  • Shaima Hasbi

    Shaima Hasbi

    24 天 前

    Let it be by The Beatles

  • # dét %!
    # dét %!个月 前


  • ohyunjin
    ohyunjin个月 前

    no one: felix: *hey seungmin, will you touch me. I feel so soft and fluffy. x2*

  • Julia Jacques Costa
    Julia Jacques Costa个月 前

    I wanted to see the drawing of i.n

  • Akari Hiro
    Akari Hiro个月 前

    hyunjin i miss you❤️

  • Maya Cb
    Maya Cb个月 前

    15:15 when i tell u i screamed...

  • Jisoo EuE
    Jisoo EuE个月 前

    Ni sueño frustrado es que Jisung me toque la guitarra:(

  • Lol Sarah_yt
    Lol Sarah_yt个月 前

    STAYs tell me why do i'm jelly of the wall??

  • Nia aprillya
    Nia aprillya个月 前

    15:16 what you want to watch

  • Juliana Robles
    Juliana Robles个月 前

    12:03 we catch you minho 😂😂😂

  • Emili_Reyd
    Emili_Reyd个月 前

    #HyunjinYouAreSoPerfect #Hyunjinperfect

  • Emili_Reyd
    Emili_Reyd个月 前

    #JYP #HyunjinYouAreSoPerfect #Hyunjinperfect #Hyunjinbeautiful

  • Clarissa Garrido
    Clarissa Garrido个月 前

    Hi stays we should get 100 million views in all skz music videos 💕

  • hyunjin’s hair band • 14 years ago
    hyunjin’s hair band • 14 years ago个月 前


  • Mate, This is the Feeling
    Mate, This is the Feeling个月 前

    3:14 pls i love ths 😭

  • June Lynn
    June Lynn个月 前

    I wish I could add subtitles is Romanian, but I dont know how =)

  • zia wrevienne
    zia wrevienne个月 前

    9:17 bangchann

  • Ice Blacked
    Ice Blacked个月 前

    9:11 Likey de Twice aa

  • sunshine_8299 !!
    sunshine_8299 !!个月 前

    starting at 8:57 , han and seungmin start singing likey and playing it on the guitar! That's what I call the JYP family!!! (❁´◡`❁)

  • Karen T
    Karen T个月 前

    Anyone else think Seungmin and Enhypen Jake are like long lost puppy cousins lol, they look similar

  • Flᥱurᥱttᥱ E. Rιchᥱlιᥱu
    Flᥱurᥱttᥱ E. Rιchᥱlιᥱu个月 前

    Oh.. my godness! I can't believe my eyes.. Felix playing genshin at 3:25 HSHAHSHAHHA the proof that Felix actually played genshin take me to... UGHHH🥺💖

  • Uma Stay Alone
    Uma Stay Alone个月 前

    We love you skz 💕💝💕

  • ChiB _
    ChiB _个月 前

    As stays q falam inglês reclamando q na primeira semana n tinha legenda em inglês... Como a gente fala q n tem mais nenhuma legenda além de Tailandes, japonês, chinês, espanhol e inglês sendo que tem muito mais idiomas q isso? Mas fazer oq né, ninguém mandou, a gente tinha Anitta, Thiaguinho e mais um monte de cantor aqui, mas n, tem q gostar de coreano

  • mariana
    mariana个月 前

    15:16 - 15:23 COMO SE RESPIRABA

  • Bris Alex
    Bris Alex个月 前

    Everyone just being crackheads it’s adorable 😂

  • acil
    acil个月 前

    seungmin is so precious im gonna cry

  • Jayashree ee
    Jayashree ee个月 前

    Bang chan: best leader in whole kpop industry Han: best vocals and freestyle rapper Changbin: fastest rapper ever born Hyujin: prince like visuals... Lee know: dancing machine...born to be a dancer Felix: duality with voice and real nature aka deepest voice and warmest heart Sengumin: king of vocals..cute puppy IN: cutest maknae

  • Jayashree ee
    Jayashree ee个月 前

    I wasn't able to attend concert because i haven't known about skz...ohh i feel so sad...i came to know about skz in December and I'm a STAY ever since...they are truly amazing....

  • チョンウォヌ
    チョンウォヌ个月 前

    15:16 omg〜😂🤍

  • Lacey Lonon
    Lacey Lonon个月 前

    In SKZ, the oldest are the youngest and the youngest are the oldest lmaoo

  • Ne Sonnim
    Ne Sonnim个月 前

    15:16 body rolls and gets blessed with beautiful voices later

  • Nur Athirah
    Nur Athirah2 个月 前

    Does anybody know what song is han singing at 9:39?

  • safa lol
    safa lol2 个月 前


  • Sofi Ledezma
    Sofi Ledezma2 个月 前

    uno de skz estaba escuchando la canción solo de joohoney de monsta x😭😭

  • Lannara de Lima
    Lannara de Lima2 个月 前


  • Lannara de Lima
    Lannara de Lima2 个月 前


  • Lannara de Lima
    Lannara de Lima2 个月 前


  • Lannara de Lima
    Lannara de Lima2 个月 前


  • Farhan Mutazar
    Farhan Mutazar2 个月 前

    Did they just jamming to likey? Definitely a true once ❤️

  • A.A.S
    A.A.S2 个月 前

    Sht 15:16 😳🙈 HWANG HYUNJIIIIIIN 😍❤️

  • Vita Elmy
    Vita Elmy2 个月 前

    00z always have their own space in my heart 😊

  • Bianca F. Castro
    Bianca F. Castro2 个月 前

    Changbin singing Thats Okay of DO 🥺❤️ #stayexoL

  • Aketzalli Ortiz
    Aketzalli Ortiz2 个月 前

    me gustaría comentar tantas cosas pwro no puedo expresarlo ayudA los amo

  • Nice Uwu
    Nice Uwu2 个月 前

    Cuenta la leyenda que con ese canto te reciben los ángeles ❤️👄❤️ 13:00

  • Nice Uwu
    Nice Uwu2 个月 前

    9:16 me encanta cómo los líderes miran a los miembros de su grupo ToT me pone soft

  • Nice Uwu
    Nice Uwu2 个月 前

    4:41 no sé cuántas veces retrocedi. Literalmente mis oídos fueron bendecidos. Necesito un cover de Changbin cantando ToT

  • Cold Spring
    Cold Spring2 个月 前

    New Stay here, can someone tell me which song it is at 15:18 please? 🥺

  • Cold Spring

    Cold Spring

    个月 前

    @둔둔 Thank youuu ♥

  • 둔둔


    个月 前

    @Cold Spring M.I.A. 🤗

  • Cold Spring

    Cold Spring

    个月 前

    @둔둔 Ah sorry I realized it's another song at 15:18, this is the one I'm searching for 🙏🏻😭

  • 둔둔


    个月 前


  • yasmeen
    yasmeen2 个月 前


  • yasmeen
    yasmeen2 个月 前

    Pls they're so cute 🥺

  • yasmeen
    yasmeen2 个月 前


  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami2 个月 前

    q lindos dios

  • Melissa hc
    Melissa hc2 个月 前

    Aún sigo llorando porque me perdí el concierto cuando lo pague TT

  • Yu-bin Han
    Yu-bin Han2 个月 前

    When even the staff knew jisung forgot the lyrics 9:50 😂😂

  • Xiomara Vega
    Xiomara Vega2 个月 前


  • preciousy
    preciousy2 个月 前

    chan looks like a dad when he takes a video seungmin and hannie playing guitar SUPER CUTEE

  • Maia
    Maia2 个月 前

    Si chan tiene manos chicas que me queda a mí

  • kaayleelynn
    kaayleelynn2 个月 前

    9:17 he looks like a dad videoing his child LMAIGH

  • Janine Erika Castillo
    Janine Erika Castillo2 个月 前

    bang chan best leader

  • Bori Bori
    Bori Bori2 个月 前


  • A.D.
    A.D.2 个月 前

    16:48 Minchan ^^

  • AlwaysJeongwoo
    AlwaysJeongwoo2 个月 前

    I'm a new stay n i don't regret stanning BANG CHAN n HAN JISUNG, the most adorable n talented person ever

  • shadowkate
    shadowkate2 个月 前

    'Easy' is really Lee Know's song.

  • Bianca Lima
    Bianca Lima2 个月 前

    does Chan have perfect pitch? i'm impressed

  • Mikaela Joice Dy
    Mikaela Joice Dy2 个月 前

    what song was that at 15:00??

  • G_L _

    G_L _

    个月 前


  • sara mel
    sara mel2 个月 前

    Seunming enojado se ve adorable

  • Olivia Ellis
    Olivia Ellis2 个月 前

    did anyone else notice minho hugging chan at the end of back door hahaha i love him sm

  • holding hands makes lil meaw meaw happy
    holding hands makes lil meaw meaw happy2 个月 前

    15:34 ~ 15:47 *Seungmin and Minho may be divorced but they make a great pair plotting against us to give us a heart attack*

  • 지윤
    지윤2 个月 前

    15:16 혹시 어떤 무대인지 알 수 있을까요...? 타팬인데... 너무 보고 싶네요... 😭

  • Izabelle
    Izabelle2 个月 前

    Name song... 5:53?? Please🥺

  • Portakallı Oralet
    Portakallı Oralet2 个月 前

  • Portakallı Oralet
    Portakallı Oralet2 个月 前

    I love you lee know