[Stray Kids : SKZ-RECORD] Changbin, Felix "좋으니까"

[Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) : SKZ-RECORD(슼즈 레코드)] 창빈(Changbin), 필릭스(Felix) "좋으니까"
Lyrics by : 창빈 (3RACHA), 필릭스
Composed by : 창빈 (3RACHA), 방찬 (3RACHA)
Arranged by : 방찬 (3RACHA)
Original Publisher : JYP Publishing (KOMCA)
[Changbin, Felix “좋으니까” Lyrics]
네가 좋으니까
다른 이유는 없어 네가 좋으니까
그대 웃는 모습 바라보면 난 더는 바랄 게 없어
그냥 네가 좋으니까
괜히 묻고 싶어 너의 하루에 대해
너의 얘길 듣는 게 내 취미가 돼
하루 중 가장 짧게 느껴지는 시간
전부 듣고 싶어 너의 고민에 대해
다 들어주고 무거운 짐을 덜어줄게
하루 중 너의 어깨의 무게 가장 가벼울 수 있게
그 짐을 나에게 덜어줄래
맑은 너의 두 눈에
근심걱정의 안개가 걷힐 때까지 더 기대도 돼
왜 힘든 건지 뭐가 너를 괴롭혔는지
이건 빈말이 아냐 다 대신 힘들고 아파 주고 싶어
너가 웃으면 덩달아서 기뻐
웃는 모습이 가장 예쁘지만
울고 싶을 땐 억지로 웃지마
행복으로 가득 찬 너의 눈동자는 yeah
조그만 충격에도 흘러내릴 물이란 걸
그걸 알기에 더 조심스러워져
걱정돼 네가 좋으니까
그냥 네가 좋으니까
다른 이유는 없어 네가 좋으니까
그대 웃는 모습 바라보면 난 더는 바랄 게 없어
그냥 네가 좋으니까
같이 있고 싶어 온종일 하루 종일
감정 기복 없이 웃음으로 통일
어젠 울었지만 금방 좋아져서 다행이야
촉촉함이 남은 반짝이는 눈망울은 다이아
그런 너의 솔직한 표정이 좋아
표정 연기 못하는 너라서 좋아
그니까 숨기지 마 그게 더 힘든 거
너가 더 잘 알잖아
행복으로 가득 찬 너의 눈동자는 yeah
조그만 충격에도 흘러내릴 물이란 걸
그걸 알기에 더 조심스러워져
걱정돼 네가 좋으니까
그냥 네가 좋으니까
다른 이유는 없어 네가 좋으니까
그대 웃는 모습 바라보면 난 더는 바랄 게 없어
그냥 네가 좋으니까
I just really love you
You’re the only reason why I really love you
When I see you smile I just can’t get enough and I can’t live without you
Baby I just really love you
Stray Kids Digital Single "ALL IN (Korean Ver.)"
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  • Chibimoon Hwang
    Chibimoon Hwang分钟 前

    Ame los comentarios que hizo Changbin sobre esta hermosa canción y lo mucho que aprecia a Felix y su particular y hermosa voz! Son los mejores

  • dahyuncherry
    dahyuncherry2 小时 前

    this song is a masterpiece

  • Lizelle Areniego
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  • selenophile
    selenophile2 小时 前

    Arkadaki vokalleri duyuyor musun stay? Çok güzeller🥺✨

  • selenophile
    selenophile2 小时 前

    ChangLix çok soft ama ağlıcam

  • Baby Photo
    Baby Photo3 小时 前

    Sweet song

  • elsi castillo
    elsi castillo4 小时 前

    cuando escucho esta canción me acuerdo de mi novia, lloro

  • elsi castillo
    elsi castillo4 小时 前

    amo mucho esta canción

  • c :
    c :5 小时 前

    ola changbin t lo dedico 😋♥️

  • Linh Trần
    Linh Trần5 小时 前

    Changbin’s voice sounds so soft and cute when he sings with Felix’s deep voice

  • Ludmila Dominguez
    Ludmila Dominguez5 小时 前

    felix te amo sos el amor de mi vida, changbin no podes escribir letras tan lindas me voy a morir de amor :(

  • kim
    kim6 小时 前

    am I the only one who comes back here everyday?

  • Joyalma Diva
    Joyalma Diva6 小时 前

    2:53 close your eyes and listen to this sweet, calming voice of an angel.

  • hopeless case
    hopeless case7 小时 前

    is there anyone like me cuz i listen to this song since first day sndsndmd i addicted really

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    This needs to be an OST to a drama or something

    TINY MONG9 小时 前

    i love them ♡

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  • Onasih yryg
    Onasih yryg10 小时 前

    I just really love u

  • Lina Wilchez
    Lina Wilchez10 小时 前

    Te amo felix y changbin

  • Ale P_SKZ
    Ale P_SKZ10 小时 前

    Lo quiero en spotify:(

  • Ale P_SKZ
    Ale P_SKZ10 小时 前

  • cat girl
    cat girl11 小时 前

    they released this song when i was in a problem. I felt so lonely that day. After listening to this song i cried soo much and i still come here to free my mind when i have problems.( felix is my bias and 😑 he hit me by this song to my heart ) thanks for making a masterpiece like this changlix 🤍 Sorry for my english-

  • N. Ojeda
    N. Ojeda11 小时 前

    Cada que escucho esta cancion mi corazón se siente cálido Es tan hermosa

  • Aniram
    Aniram12 小时 前

    I still want them to do a live together to talk about this and anything else really.

  • 111linwear.
    111linwear.13 小时 前

    bugun ki 2619271. aglamami yapmaya geldim.

  • Ratna Wati_
    Ratna Wati_13 小时 前

    I felt that. Ifeel loved Thankyou :)

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    Aniram13 小时 前

    That's why I'm more cautious ~

  • mendercy
    mendercy14 小时 前

    I wish i have someone to dedicate this masterpiece, oh i already i have *Stray Kids 좋으니까*

  • Aniram
    Aniram14 小时 前

    Changbin talked about the song on his live today but I still don't understand Korean.

  • yumeko
    yumeko15 小时 前

    Felix's English part T^T

  • 3S1B 1L1H
    3S1B 1L1H15 小时 前

    X: Changlix not real Changlix : cause I like you, just really love you

  • Elizabeth Urquieta
    Elizabeth Urquieta15 小时 前


  • Andoitz Larizgoitia Plazas
    Andoitz Larizgoitia Plazas15 小时 前


  • Minsung is my life
    Minsung is my life16 小时 前

    Love Changlix

  • Giulia
    Giulia16 小时 前

    00:55 gives me chills

  • Sıla Gökmen
    Sıla Gökmen17 小时 前

    Ciddiyim 2 saattir ağliorm çok güzelsiniz

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    Sıla Gökmen17 小时 前

    -,- sizi sewiorm lan

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    binnie's vocal in the beginning 🥺🥺🤍

  • Manya Purwar
    Manya Purwar18 小时 前

    Fun fact: everyone listening to this song is healing

  • Tatyana Rogachova

    Tatyana Rogachova

    33 分钟 前

    So true ❤️

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    Manya Purwar18 小时 前

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  • Manya Purwar

    Manya Purwar

    14 小时 前

    @Aniram ikr

  • Aniram


    14 小时 前

    Same. Suffering through ads here because it's not on Spotify.

  • Manya Purwar

    Manya Purwar

    17 小时 前

    @Yeetus Vegemite ikr, so that we can bop this 24/7 with using other apps lol 😆

  • Yeetus Vegemite

    Yeetus Vegemite

    17 小时 前

    I'm right here bestie...I want this song on Spotify!!!

  • shinkathzbeast
    shinkathzbeast19 小时 前

    Anyone else realizes that this audio being combined with ASMR?🤔 or was it just my imagination? 😂

  • Aniram


    14 小时 前

    I think that's just Felix' voice and their harmonies together. Felix did release some ASMR episodes on their channel though :)


    I'm in love with this song♥

  • Stay Swiftie
    Stay Swiftie20 小时 前

    i love darkeu

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    Im Ji Ho21 小时 前

    Happy 1 Month Old!

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    Chang Lix22 小时 前

    And here we go My peace is here this song

  • Naurah Auni
    Naurah Auni天 前

    Felix part at the last so good that make me want to cry and release all my stress..my bias so talented

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    Patricia Pascual天 前

    i just like you

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  • Yongbok
    Yongbok天 前



    I was studying last night and this song was playing repeatedly, yet I feel so relax... It really makes my heart happy for some reason

  • Naurah Auni

    Naurah Auni

    天 前

    Yes same for me it's so relaxing and fun..and something make me want to cry and release all my stress...I want to thanks to them cuz make my life better...hope STRAYKIDS know that they was sososo talented... thanks again for make my life better

  • Tori_skz
    Tori_skz天 前

    Today’s my birthday and the first group I listen to is Stray Kids the love I have for them will never end ✋🤩💞

  • jazz vallejos

    jazz vallejos

    20 小时 前

    happy birthday!!

  • Retno Ariyanti Nurningtias

    Retno Ariyanti Nurningtias

    23 小时 前

    Happy Birthday Baby Stay ♡ we all promise to STAY with STRAY KIDS until very end♡

  • Conce Contreras
    Conce Contreras天 前

    Soy lagrimas, realmente me gusta este record TT

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    i love changlix

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    Yane velazco天 前

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    Yane velazco天 前

    Changbin te amo tu eres mi vida gracias por existir

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    Don’t fake a smile



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    احبكوا يا عيال

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    Bende sizin gülen yüzünüzü görünce başka isteğim olmuyor hep böyle gülün. .. Güzel günleriniz bol olsun stay seninde♡♡ 01.00 14/04/2021 Ramazan ayı 2.sahura doğru

  • Aniram
    Aniram天 前

    I too would like to have this on Spotify.

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    I like this already❤️

  • Aniram
    Aniram天 前

    Felix mentioned the song on his live today but I don't understand Korean. (-_-)

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    Guys is there an app where we can listen to skz player's songs (exept youtube ) i really need it:)

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    Malya天 前

    Essa música tem um significado muito importante pra mim, foi por causa dela que eu encontrei as pessoas em que mais amo, depois do stray kids, muito obrigado por tudo!

  • Sayo_ Meister
    Sayo_ Meister天 前

    What is this song on English means ?

  • Fanfic tiontion

    Fanfic tiontion

    天 前

    'Cause I like you'

  • Funny blizzz

    Funny blizzz

    天 前

    in english the tittle means "I like you"

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    I just really love you You're the only reason why I really love you When I see you smile I just can’t get enough and I can't live without you Baby I just really love you CHANGLIX REAL.

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