[ASMR : 8.01 STAY FM] Ep.03 bikkie & choccy

[ASMR : 8.01 STAY FM] Ep.03 bikkie & choccy
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  • k
    k3 小时 前

    how much he loves doing this is so cute

  • 맛탱이
    맛탱이5 小时 前

    머랭 쿠키 소리 너무 좋다ㅠㅠ머랭 소리가 너무 좋아서 다른 asmr 머랭 이팅사운드 다 찾아봤는데 필릭스 소리가 제일 조아

  • Bubs Felix
    Bubs Felix11 小时 前

    " my child is completely fine " no , your child is crying like a baby while looking at felix

  • solartea
    solartea12 小时 前

    tbh, I don't like (I HATE) mukbangs and asmr with eating sounds because of my past ed but I made efforts thank you felix

  • Misojisoo
    Misojisoo15 小时 前

    I miss these videos so much

  • Hobi World
    Hobi World18 小时 前

    so beautiful😭💗💝✨💍❤️

  • bubu rose
    bubu rose23 小时 前

    mau felix satu dong, gemoy

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo天 前

    my love

  • Jiminshii Park
    Jiminshii Park天 前

    Recuerda, si tuviste un día de estrés, come un dulce como lo dijo felix

  • doinitlikeatomboy lol
    doinitlikeatomboy lol天 前

    One of my fav videos.. i actually don't like the asmr videos but felix make it better♡

  • Angelika K.
    Angelika K.天 前

    Too precious! 🥺💛

  • Gianella Padilla
    Gianella Padilla2 天 前

    A mimir

  • Arielle Medina
    Arielle Medina2 天 前


  • LI MV
    LI MV2 天 前

    Vengo aquí porque quiero dormir y te amo👉🏼👈🏼

  • Alexandra Stoean
    Alexandra Stoean2 天 前

    I don't like ASMRs with food, but this is my favorite👀

  • Maite Zamora
    Maite Zamora2 天 前

    Was I th eonly one that actually looked for it on the radio?

  • Leebit Felix
    Leebit Felix2 天 前

    other entertainment: *diet* while JYP:

  • sdfd ssdf
    sdfd ssdf2 天 前

    진심으로 최고의 아이돌이 아닐 수 없음

  • L K
    L K2 天 前

    언제 들어도(봐도) 힐링이야🧡아기오렌지병아리뽁디🧡

  • Felix and his egg
    Felix and his egg2 天 前


  • Carla Gómez
    Carla Gómez3 天 前

    Crying T-T he is the most beautiful human

  • gabriela
    gabriela3 天 前

    I'm so happy for having him :( he is so sweet and cute I don't deserve him

  • Mads
    Mads3 天 前

    Just, yeah.

  • Ece Bakım
    Ece Bakım3 天 前

    He pampered us so much lol luv u felix♡

  • Boomshakalaka -
    Boomshakalaka -3 天 前

    He definitely had a sugar rush after this 😂😂

  • Yuna Kwac
    Yuna Kwac3 天 前

    Is it only me or no one just don't want to talk abt this but when he just speak English its just that it sounds like corpse like 🤔💀🙃 I don't know

  • Yuna Kwac

    Yuna Kwac

    3 天 前

    @Justarondommutistan oh

  • Justarondommutistan


    3 天 前

    Yea I think it just you bestie💖

  • sabila fayra
    sabila fayra3 天 前

    jyp im tired of saying this but pls dont put ads on asmr videos :( i want to enjoy it

  • Ishra
    Ishra3 天 前

    I miss his asmr now ToT...

  • malena figol
    malena figol4 天 前

    Es para nosotrxs 🤭😊

  • malena figol
    malena figol4 天 前

    Hermoso que es Félix 💗

  • Pérez Eudi 6C
    Pérez Eudi 6C4 天 前

    Espero no ser la única que quiere un video de Felix leyendo una historia. Sería lo más lindo que podría escuchar antes de dormir:,)

  • daisy lee
    daisy lee4 天 前

    00:50 분위기 차이 미친다... 자연스럽게 툭 던지는 비스킷,,, 엄마 저 비스킷될래요

  • emranao
    emranao4 天 前

    Who else comes here constantly because there is no new episode...

  • jikookyya_
    jikookyya_4 天 前

    Om im die

  • Evelyn Alvarado
    Evelyn Alvarado4 天 前

    Felix es la persona más linda del planeta lo amo demasiado se merece todo lo bueno del mundo

  • alecsiwoU
    alecsiwoU4 天 前

    Felix debería tener un propio canal pero siento que no le quedaría tiempo libre para hacer videos

  • 민강
    민강5 天 前

    진짜 팅글 와!!!!

  • Yna Luisa
    Yna Luisa5 天 前

    His voice is lullaby to my ear. Now I can sleep.

  • paula monserrat salazar lara
    paula monserrat salazar lara5 天 前


  • paula monserrat salazar lara
    paula monserrat salazar lara5 天 前

    Lix awwww

  • Marcela Díaz Mejías
    Marcela Díaz Mejías5 天 前

    DIOSSS, que hermoso 🥺🥺, en lo personal también me gusta mucho lo dulce y ver a Felix comiendo dulces fue muy lindooo

  • the audacitea
    the audacitea5 天 前

    I got so scared that the edible paper would give him a paper cut 😭✋

  • alex •
    alex •6 天 前

    terapia: caro asmr do Feliz: de graça

  • Victoria
    Victoria6 天 前

    How can he be so adorable and so sexy at the same time. I could listen to him talk forever

  • andrea andy
    andrea andy6 天 前

    felix yo miro mukbang asmr y en vez de dormirme me dio hambre y me estuve riendo jajajajaja me estoy muriendo de ternura por este 'stay fm'

  • green l
    green l6 天 前

    너무 너무 사랑해요

  • Raizen Dela Cruz
    Raizen Dela Cruz6 天 前

    4:45 👁️👄👁️

  • Nahi
    Nahi6 天 前

    felix soy una persona muy nerviosa y tus vídeos me ayudan muchísimo a relajarme, y mantener la calma. gracias por hacer estos vídeos para stay

  • rui
    rui6 天 前

    4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 4:39 イケメンな方がASMRしてるってほんの好奇心で見たらここがいい音すぎてビビりました笑

  • Jonila Rushiti
    Jonila Rushiti7 天 前

    I love his tiny hands 😭😩❤️❤️

  • always
    always7 天 前

    his personality:😄🥺🌻☀️❤️🍭 his voice:🔞🕸️⛓️⚔️🔪🍷 (he's literally a baby)

  • 용복이
    용복이7 天 前

    3:55 3:55💛

  • Blue Compass
    Blue Compass7 天 前

    rewatching this because i miss my sunshine so much 😭💔

  • Gianella Padilla
    Gianella Padilla8 天 前

    Mis videos favoritos para dormir siempre serán los asmr de Felix

  • Eli Br
    Eli Br8 天 前

    Everybody wants Felix's ASMR comeback .


    My tingle

  • Marcela Giron
    Marcela Giron8 天 前

    My ears: blessed My soul: cured My eyes: un love with him

  • song hamy
    song hamy8 天 前

    I think I can watch this all day

  • 직선
    직선8 天 前

    아 먹는 거 왤케 귀엽냐 목소리는 사기급인데

  • FJ . X3 .
    FJ . X3 .8 天 前

    My stomach: 🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • Vargas Mejía Paloma
    Vargas Mejía Paloma9 天 前

    Les wo a contar uwu Los últimos días he tenido problemas para dormir, o eso creo La cosa es que me cuesta quedarme dormida y pues lit los videos de asmr ayuda mucho, y saber que Fefi hace este tipo de videos, lloro chau. Y cuando habla sobre el estres y eso, no bai soy lagrimas. Una vez más, gracias por ayudarme skz :')


    felix best asmr artist ♥️

  • Grace Megan
    Grace Megan9 天 前

    Can someone tell me the name of the song that plays at the beginning 😭

  • Tia Mogato

    Tia Mogato

    8 天 前

    another day by stray kids ❤

  • Larissa
    Larissa9 天 前

    so, i'm learning to english, and some months ago i watched this video and i couldn't understand many things, even subtitled. but now, i'm very happy, cause i came here and i just and i could finally understand what he was saying. i'm thankful to my brain

  • flameo hotman
    flameo hotman9 天 前

    i don’t think you understand how much i love this guy

  • whats happening
    whats happening9 天 前


  • Irina Boje
    Irina Boje9 天 前

    a person that actually cares about his fans

  • lEgItNeSs
    lEgItNeSs9 天 前

    Alternate title: *Felix curing my insomnia in a single 11 minute and 56 second video*

  • Ariadna TP
    Ariadna TP9 天 前

    you're the best of my life, thank u for existing and making me happy, I love you with all my heart

  • W W
    W W9 天 前

    아 진짜 귀엽다 귀여워 미치겠다 누워서 스트레칭하면서 듣다가도 너무 귀여워서 미취겠네😢... asmr 컨텐츠 감사합니다 뽁이 귀여운거 너무 잘보여 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ귀요워 지금 할 수 있는 말이 미치겠다랑 귀여워밖에 없네..

  • pedwantagon • 90 years ago .
    pedwantagon • 90 years ago .9 天 前


  • Beyzanur Gümüşdere
    Beyzanur Gümüşdere9 天 前

    ❤🇹🇷❤🇰🇷❤❤❤❤✌🏼 ❤FELİX ❤

  • LoveSKZ
    LoveSKZ9 天 前

    Let's get this to 1M since he deserves it

  • ウリイエニ
    ウリイエニ10 天 前


  • las chanclas de solar
    las chanclas de solar10 天 前

    Porque es tan cuidadoso para comer 😭 jakajsksk

  • Amapola Jeria
    Amapola Jeria10 天 前


  • Amapola Jeria
    Amapola Jeria10 天 前

    gracias vida por traerme a este video

  • Taekook Films
    Taekook Films10 天 前

    I was already falling asleep listening to the beautiful asmr of Felix, and everything was going well, until an ad happened to appear and I was scared ;--;

  • Mochi Geek
    Mochi Geek10 天 前

    The meringue part gave me tingles our little Sunshine's asmr skills are improving 🌼

  • Rochampuii Hmar
    Rochampuii Hmar10 天 前


  • haru haru
    haru haru10 天 前

    Felix:[…] we have bronies My mind automatically: heY bRoWnIe bOi

  • Isa ‹3
    Isa ‹310 天 前

    Fefi debería tener su propio título como el más encantador del mundo ^^

  • Bere Martinez
    Bere Martinez11 天 前

    Extraño ASMR hecho por Felix :(

  • Keith Mars
    Keith Mars11 天 前

    When he pulled out the whipped cream, i automatically assumed he was just going to spray it directly into his mouth.

  • cvxmiiz
    cvxmiiz11 天 前

    STOP LMFAOOO FELIX PATTING THE MIC MADE ME FEEL SO LOVED- Lowkey felt as if I was the mic 😞🥺

  • Tahe
    Tahe11 天 前

    i was supposed to str34m but Felix's asmr is making me so sleepyhelp

  • fairy stay
    fairy stay11 天 前


  • Anna S.
    Anna S.12 天 前

    Sí felix, este es mi vídeo de asmr favorito!!!

  • you all suck
    you all suck12 天 前

    I love these videos so much 🥺 I hope another one get uploaded soon!

  • Bren
    Bren12 天 前

    Ya me vi todos sus asmr más de diez veces per no me canso, Félix te amo

  • Optimus Inaproprimus
    Optimus Inaproprimus12 天 前

    I usually hate Asmr mukbang style videos with all my heart but Felix may be the only exception to the rule. Even his chewing is adorable!

  • Valu
    Valu12 天 前

    Felix te amo tanto¡¡!!

  • Tongue Technology
    Tongue Technology12 天 前

    I think im falling in love.....

  • SONA
    SONA12 天 前

    I listened to this ASMR once on Spotify and today I got to know it was him.😳

  • Juliana Indoc
    Juliana Indoc12 天 前

    i don't know about you but felix' stay fm helps me go to sleep. I always listen to this whenever i want to feel relax and when i can't sleep.

  • _1221ばびばびおばび
    _1221ばびばびおばび12 天 前


  • Munevver G
    Munevver G12 天 前

    I can't get vitamin D cause I can't go outside because of the pandemic but I can just come here and get exposed to sunshine

  • Munevver G
    Munevver G12 天 前

    Don’t mind me I am just watching the sweetest person in the whole universe getting diabetes by eating sweets that are less sweet than him

  • Luiza Stoica
    Luiza Stoica12 天 前

    you are so lovely Felix

  • Katelyn Dunsmore
    Katelyn Dunsmore13 天 前