[ASMR : 8.01 STAY FM] Ep.02 Chrissy

[ASMR : 8.01 STAY FM] Ep.02 Chrissy
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  • Wang Jarim
    Wang Jarim4 小时 前

    2nd season when?????

  • baby bread
    baby bread天 前

    okay anyone named Chrissy just won the lottery and I am jelly

  • Monnie Writes
    Monnie Writes天 前

    Did anyone else cry!? Why is he the sweetest boy? :(

  • Todoroki's Wife
    Todoroki's Wife天 前

    Best Asmr thanks to Felix 🥺

  • multi stan
    multi stan2 天 前

    the storytelling is my favorite part :)

  • Glovana Shkurti
    Glovana Shkurti2 天 前

    Cute boy everrrrr😍😍😍

  • Felix and his egg
    Felix and his egg2 天 前

    his smile means everything.

  • Mr.multiquizdom
    Mr.multiquizdom3 天 前

    His voice can heal my insomnia 💞

  • PearlsLittleWorld
    PearlsLittleWorld3 天 前

    I loveeeeeee Felix asmr!!!! He does such a great job and he is always so endearing 🥺💜 cannot wait to see more!

  • Lara ashrah
    Lara ashrah4 天 前

    sunshine ✨☀️

  • yasmeen
    yasmeen4 天 前

  • ilkim aydın
    ilkim aydın5 天 前

    im addicted to Felix's asmrs lately, i can't sleep without this

  • ilkim aydın
    ilkim aydın5 天 前

    he can convince me for everything

  • Mary L0uise
    Mary L0uise5 天 前

    I normally don't like ASMR, but Felix's ASMR I absolutely love 🖤 I can listen to him talk and tell stories ASMR-style with that beautiful voice and Aussie accent 24/7 🥰✨

  • the audacitea
    the audacitea5 天 前

    His deep voice has a vibration along with it like a cat purr and I love it in asmr 😭✋

  • val
    val5 天 前

    felix i love you sm

  • val
    val5 天 前

    te amo felix

  • val
    val5 天 前

    mi pollito

  • Brooklyn Scheepers
    Brooklyn Scheepers6 天 前

    Imagine his voice at 40 years old

  • andrea andy
    andrea andy7 天 前

    iluminas mi noche, este día. Te quiero Felix

  • Greahia
    Greahia7 天 前

    Felix voice:🖤☠️ Felix face💜❤

  • Ren Corona
    Ren Corona7 天 前

    I really don’t like ASMR. I don’t know why it makes me cringe. But with Felix is relaxing, and I just love to hear him.

  • Eli C
    Eli C8 天 前

    Gracias por existir Lee Félix...♡

  • Isa ‹3
    Isa ‹38 天 前

    Quiero pensar que sí hay personas intercalando con los ASMR...

  • Marcela Giron
    Marcela Giron8 天 前

    cara de niño 🥺 voz de hombre 😈

  • Marty Sepúlveda
    Marty Sepúlveda9 天 前

    Te amo mucho mi pollito, gracias por existir ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  • Dys Eaner
    Dys Eaner9 天 前

    Please make season 2 of this😩💙

  • 4 mosqueteros
    4 mosqueteros10 天 前

    Ayuda,cuatro capítulos de Felix haciendo asmr es demasiado poco!!!:(

  • tamy
    tamy10 天 前


  • tamy
    tamy10 天 前

    baby 💔

  • adrian . . .
    adrian . . .10 天 前

    mi baby:((

  • Rochampuii Hmar
    Rochampuii Hmar10 天 前


  • 딸기
    딸기10 天 前

    0:44 3:12 3:16-4:08 9:56 10:12

  • annabel aftalion
    annabel aftalion11 天 前

    Omg so cute

  • Tahe
    Tahe11 天 前

    can we all agree that ever since Bokkie stopped doing asmr we stopped sleeping?.. yes

  • begum akalin
    begum akalin11 天 前

    lan sezon 1 diyo 2.sezon da mı gelicek

  • begum akalin
    begum akalin11 天 前

    i live for felix's asmr

  • Prakriti Tiwari
    Prakriti Tiwari11 天 前


  • Celeste Victoria
    Celeste Victoria12 天 前

    Amo tanto los asmr de felix

  • Carolyn Wang
    Carolyn Wang12 天 前

    i love felix so much

  • fer
    fer13 天 前

    Amo tanto la voz de Felix, siempre me da tanta paz y relajación, sus asmr se volvieron mi lugar seguro

  • Jaylanni Then
    Jaylanni Then14 天 前

    Ok so like I’ve been going through a lot so I have like a lot of stress on me and stuff but honestly Felix gets me through all of it with these videos. Literally his voice calms me down so much. And he also teaches us about Australia and he also reads to us. He’s so sweet and I love him. And since yesterday I’ve been watching these every night, I’m so glad I became a STAY because if I wouldn’t have I would have missed this amazing asmr and also hearing felix and his freaking accenntttttt

  • Jaylanni Then

    Jaylanni Then

    9 天 前

    @Forever with SKZ thank you 😊

  • Forever with SKZ

    Forever with SKZ

    10 天 前

    I hope things are getting better for you! Don't stress too much since it's not good for the health

  • 육군 BTS칼라
    육군 BTS칼라14 天 前

    Te amo

  • Stn Kpp
    Stn Kpp15 天 前

    i miss those amsr video omg it help me so much to sleep

  • María mariaaa Chan
    María mariaaa Chan15 天 前

    Extraño tus ASMR Lixiee!! Te AMOOO!💕

  • Sarah Bardhi
    Sarah Bardhi15 天 前

    this is so relaxing i almost fell asleep

  • Diana Buentello
    Diana Buentello15 天 前


  • Rawan
    Rawan16 天 前

    His voice makes it even better

  • ari
    ari17 天 前

    i come again to hear the story

  • SamYuKk •
    SamYuKk •17 天 前

    I sleep so deep when i watch this, omg Felix's ASMRs are really good

  • Niloo Jafari
    Niloo Jafari17 天 前


  • Nayely C'M
    Nayely C'M18 天 前

    Quiero más clases de significado de Australia 🥺

  • Berenice Romero
    Berenice Romero19 天 前

    I need more Felix's asmr


    Escucharlo con audífonos es lo mejor

  • Zita Hazka
    Zita Hazka19 天 前

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️I love you

  • Katherine Bernales
    Katherine Bernales19 天 前

    Re-watching Felix personality : 💖💖💖 Felix voice : 🖤🖤🖤

  • iviyyyh_
    iviyyyh_20 天 前

    i really want more of his asmr videooo

  • あずましょう
    あずましょう21 天 前

    - 3:15

  • Christa
    Christa21 天 前

    woah as soon as i started watching this video my head felt like relieved or sum cuz i had a really bad headache but not anymore💀

  • Anna lhc
    Anna lhc21 天 前

    felix said he didnt know if hes doing the decorating right, its fine bestie, it is a TOTAL DISASTER when im decorating mine with my family

  • Hbase5
    Hbase522 天 前

    I would do absolutely anything for this guy

  • 히등이
    히등이22 天 前

    0:37 3:19


    It’s soo pretty 😍

  • Sabina Rousová
    Sabina Rousová23 天 前

    hes the kindest person ive ever seen in my life...

  • Ocasla Jenzen
    Ocasla Jenzen24 天 前

    Akala ko crispy HAHAHAHA lmao

  • Betty betty
    Betty betty24 天 前

    세상 좋아졌다.. 요정이 트리꾸미는것도 보고...

  • Oncestay
    Oncestay24 天 前

    Felix, you are truly helping me to move off my stress about school...Thank you..😭❤

  • さりぴー.
    さりぴー.24 天 前


  • lajima
    lajima24 天 前

    he's just being our boyfriend omg i love him so much

  • lajima
    lajima24 天 前

    I love you so much aaaah

  • Izzy's World
    Izzy's World25 天 前

    8:05 starts to read about home alone and how u cant trust no one

  • ꕀ
    26 天 前


  • 타쿠
    타쿠26 天 前


  • Lyam
    Lyam27 天 前

    1:50 ^^

  • lost r
    lost r27 天 前

    Oh god

  • Im not your friend
    Im not your friend27 天 前

    This video turned Felix into my bias wrecker 🥺 he is too precious 😭😭😭

  • Dain
    Dain29 天 前

    I actually listen to it when I was sleeping It’s feel much better

  • sdfd ssdf
    sdfd ssdf29 天 前

    용복아 또 보러왔어💛💛💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤🖤💛🖤

  • Valentina Rubio
    Valentina Rubio个月 前

    It's time to listen to him before sleeping

  • Oncestay


    24 天 前


  • ke_ 0621
    ke_ 0621个月 前


  • ke_ 0621
    ke_ 0621个月 前


  • Kristiqna Pandurova
    Kristiqna Pandurova个月 前

    OMG...I have never seen him that cute. I am new STAY and can you please someone tell me more about him and the group,because i am excited. And thanks Felix,because Chrissy is my name. Hahah LOVE YOU FELIX. I promise i am gonna learn more about Stray kids and become real STAY. Stray kids everywhere all around the world. You make stray kids STAY.🥰🥰🥰🤩🥇🥇🥇❤️❤️💜💜💜❤️❤️😻😻😻

  • صغيرونه ا
    صغيرونه ا个月 前

    Your voice is comfortable, Felix, I love you ❤😍

  • Aliza fatima
    Aliza fatima个月 前

    oh well that's very nice

  • Aliza fatima
    Aliza fatima个月 前

    his voice is like a musical i can literally sleep while listening to him

  • Clem
    Clem个月 前

    That's my fav Asmr video of everytime. Please Felix open an Asmr CNboth channel 🙏🏼

  • zsad x
    zsad x个月 前

    6:55 누르면 행복해짐 💛

  • Paola Perez
    Paola Perez个月 前

    I love u sm❤❤❤

  • Dys Eaner
    Dys Eaner个月 前

    3:10 OHMYGOD😶✋ its melting meee AHHHKKKK

    MIMI RAY个月 前

    “Who’s your favorite ASMRtist?” Felix. The answer is Felix

  • remie
    remie个月 前

    "my stays" STFU I AM SOBBING

  • Evelīna Meire
    Evelīna Meire个月 前

    why does he look disgusted when he says christmas

  • • lisa •
    • lisa •个月 前


  • Juliana Robles
    Juliana Robles个月 前

    alguien más se percato de los ojitos rojos y lo cansado que se veía? :( Se que es normal tener días en donde no podes dormir por estudios o trabajo, pero no puedo evitar preocuparme.


    I love you so much, Felix Lee! My, you sure are a precious sunshine boy. Thank you for this. ❤️

  • Nini Orbit.
    Nini Orbit.个月 前

    miss you Lixie

  • Nini Orbit.
    Nini Orbit.个月 前

    hi Felix you are adorable 🐣

  • michelle Uribe
    michelle Uribe个月 前

    okay but this part made my heart go 💗💓💞💕💞💘💖☹️ 6:58

  • shw
    shw个月 前


  • laura
    laura个月 前

    Lo amo demasiado, me encanta que le dieran la oportunidad de por fin hacer un ASMR, amo verlo tan feliz, tan alegre, en verdad se ve que disfruta lo que hace. Es un angelito que debemos proteger y agradecer por compartirnos su alegría. WE LOVE YOU FELIX SUNSHINE