[ASMR : 8.01 STAY FM] Ep.04 Good on ya!

[ASMR : 8.01 STAY FM] Ep.04 Good on ya!
Stray Kids Digital Single "ALL IN (Korean Ver.)"
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  • Wang Jarim
    Wang Jarim4 小时 前

    second season when???

  • i love minho
    i love minho5 小时 前

    i love u so much felix

  • Bubs Felix
    Bubs Felix12 小时 前

    felix deserves the whole galaxy :'(

  • Forever with SKZ
    Forever with SKZ15 小时 前

    Lix, come back whenever you have free time to film episode 5

  • I want personal space
    I want personal space天 前

    I’m not the only one who’s flinching from that candle, his voice and the sound effects right?

  • Angelika K.
    Angelika K.天 前

    Yellow really suits you! 😍💛💛

  • Angelika K.
    Angelika K.天 前

    Love your asmr, I want more. I forever STAY 💛😝

  • Bae May
    Bae May2 天 前

    I really need ep.5 😭😭😭

  • Hbase5
    Hbase52 天 前

    Felix just has that kind of face that can pull off any hair color. He could dye his whole head the ugliest color imaginable and still rock the look.

  • michelle_
    michelle_2 天 前

    i could write a whole essay complimenting felix

  • val
    val2 天 前

    te amo:(

  • 삐약삐약.사야카.
    삐약삐약.사야카.2 天 前

    Thanks to Felix, I can sleep well today.

  • 월광Aurora
    월광Aurora2 天 前

    Good on ya ♡

  • Maite Zamora
    Maite Zamora2 天 前

    This is oficially the best birthday gift EVER it came out the day of my birthday. Thanks for doing asmr Felix

  • lamarea wilson
    lamarea wilson2 天 前

    are you crying over the fact that this is the last episode or are you normal?

  • Lost Potato ツ
    Lost Potato ツ3 天 前

    New google search: How to frame a video on wall.

  • Giovanna D
    Giovanna D3 天 前


  • Giovanna D
    Giovanna D3 天 前


  • Inês Pereira
    Inês Pereira3 天 前

    the song in the beginning 💗💖💕💞💓💘

  • Dennis Ardita
    Dennis Ardita3 天 前

    Good on ya, Felix for everything you have done

  • Nathalia
    Nathalia4 天 前

    Felix:😘🍬🍧 his voice:🔥❤😈. Sou brasileira kkkk

  • emranao
    emranao4 天 前

    I really like your smile

  • ダニー
    ダニー4 天 前

    te amo

  • donnaᄋᄉᄋ
    donnaᄋᄉᄋ4 天 前

    yes, see you on our dreams 😴✨

  • Gianella Padilla
    Gianella Padilla5 天 前

    Te amo mucho Fefi gracias por ayudarme a dormir

  • andrea andy
    andrea andy5 天 前

    regresa :'( por favor regresa

  • Marcela Díaz Mejías
    Marcela Díaz Mejías5 天 前

    Ay, 🥺 Felix, como no escribías nada, pensé en elogiarte uwu. Eres un chico con mucha energía, alguien muy cariñoso; tienes una gran habilidad para el bailes y amo tus vocales. Eres una persona con muchos talentos y con una personalidad muy linda. Además, siempre te preocupas por STAY y le entregas mucho cariño 🥺💗 eso es algo que valoro mucho de ti. Good on ya! 🐣☀💞

  • Mary L0uise
    Mary L0uise5 天 前

    I've watched all of Felix's ASMR videos in one sitting and I waNT MORE ALREADY

  • andrea
    andrea6 天 前

    veo esto todas las noches, REAL

  • Noriaki Kakyoin
    Noriaki Kakyoin6 天 前

    is anyone else crying? Thank you Felix for this, it made my day ❤️ Good on ya 😅

  • Ren Corona
    Ren Corona6 天 前

    Why the f*** am i crying?! I didn't expect he will give us a complement. He is so sweet, i really think he is a very heartwarming person and just a calming presence to be around. Thank you for existing Felix you are a lovely person.

  • sdfd ssdf
    sdfd ssdf6 天 前

    또 왔어 용복아아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 오늘도 사랑해♡

  • 봄이
    봄이6 天 前

    용복이 에셈알 또 언제 올려주시나요.... ㅠㅠ 기다려요 맨날 ❣️

  • Joscelyn vang
    Joscelyn vang6 天 前

    Ugh his freckles I can’t😩😍

  • †•LYA VC•†
    †•LYA VC•†6 天 前

    Félix asmr es mi religión 🛐

  • †•LYA VC•†
    †•LYA VC•†6 天 前

    Félix eres la luz que ilumina mis ojos! Por ti me baño 🛐

  • †•LYA VC•†
    †•LYA VC•†6 天 前

    Félix asmr para comenzar bien el día ✅

  • Mi vida en Canada
    Mi vida en Canada7 天 前

    Im in love

  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry Milk7 天 前

    0:28 He really said Ima clap in tiny, he’s so cute I can’t and the fact that his voice doesn’t look anything like his face 🐥

  • suki s
    suki s7 天 前

    i love him so much oh my god

  • ratu gladish
    ratu gladish7 天 前

    Oke aku bisa tidur sekarang ❤️

  • Dys Eaner
    Dys Eaner7 天 前

    His voice!!! You can melt little by little by listening to it whole day☕🌴

  • María
    María8 天 前

    Stray Kids is the most privileged group because Lee Felix is one of their members and he's the most warmest and pure heart person of the universe. For me, Haengbookie is the reason why life has a meaning and it's beautiful no matter what, even if it get dark sometimes, it's alright because he's my sunshine. everything gaves me comfort, peace and happiness, it's a blessing be able to exist at the same time as Lixie... Good on ya DJ BbockD! You did a such amazing work, thanks for giving us the best nights, sweetest dreams and help us to sleep tight and relieve stress... I hope be able to see you for at least in my dreams. I just really love you so much Felix. Thank you forever!

  • Jenni xd
    Jenni xd8 天 前

    cada que tengo un ataque de ansiedad busco los ASMR de mi fefi, felix, y me calman tanto, gracias a el no eh cometido una locura

  • bts army
    bts army8 天 前


  • Yongbokie lee
    Yongbokie lee8 天 前

    Best asmrist LEE FELİX

  • taitai
    taitai8 天 前


  • Maria Jose Guadamud
    Maria Jose Guadamud8 天 前

    Sólo vengo a decir: Félix te amo.

  • Marcela Giron
    Marcela Giron8 天 前

    I love you felix! you are so cute uwu

  • Jessica Barajas
    Jessica Barajas9 天 前

    Does anyone know where I can get the sweater his wearing😖

  • Lizbeth Barajas
    Lizbeth Barajas9 天 前

    This is so relaxing

  • Sol Jeria
    Sol Jeria9 天 前

    we need more episodes please 🥺🥺🥺

  • Minho's Bundles
    Minho's Bundles9 天 前

    i still stream this everyday felixs asmr is the only asmr series that could make me fall asleep.. i think its also because i feel so safe with him

  • lola
    lola9 天 前

    i love you

  • hanji jisung
    hanji jisung9 天 前

    i need more JYP!!!!!!

  • Carolina Rodriguez
    Carolina Rodriguez10 天 前

    Después de un largo día haciendo st34m, un video de fefi haciendo asmr para dormir

  • changlix bangtan
    changlix bangtan10 天 前

    I can watch it every day.

  • Rochampuii Hmar
    Rochampuii Hmar10 天 前


  • Yaritza Huentenao
    Yaritza Huentenao10 天 前

    this is so relaxing

  • ya pero hazle stream a skz
    ya pero hazle stream a skz11 天 前

    "Good on ya, for existing" si mamá le lloro a un wey de 20 años que dijo eso

  • adrian . . .
    adrian . . .11 天 前

    dejen d decir su voz su voz y su voz lpm aprecien más que eso lpm caras d rabano

  • Ana Hdz

    Ana Hdz

    11 天 前


  • the audacitea
    the audacitea11 天 前

    His voice is so deep that while whispering it's like a cat purr. I love it sjsjaja

  • begum akalin
    begum akalin11 天 前

    you make me cry baby

  • begum akalin
    begum akalin11 天 前

    good on ya felix!

  • begum akalin
    begum akalin11 天 前

    i love you so much my sunshine

  • coni gomez
    coni gomez11 天 前

    te extraño

  • lydia !
    lydia !11 天 前

    so cute, omg! 👉🏽👈🏽

  • hey Sol
    hey Sol12 天 前

    felix personality:😍❤️✨💞💕💟🌈 His voice:🗣️🗣️🕷️🔪

  • Brenda Zavala
    Brenda Zavala12 天 前

    Me veras en cada video de stray kids, porque voy a venir a cada uno después de ver la presentación del kingdom, porque tenemos una meta que romper 11M

  • Ariadna TP
    Ariadna TP12 天 前

    I love you with all my heart, you're my light and my reason to live, thank u for being here, and thank u for make me happy

  • asla değeri bilinmeyen yuta

    asla değeri bilinmeyen yuta

    11 天 前

    He is reason for me to live. I'm grateful to him for making me enjoy life.

  • asla değeri bilinmeyen yuta

    asla değeri bilinmeyen yuta

    11 天 前

    we share same feelings

  • Tongue Technology
    Tongue Technology12 天 前

    I really like everything about you Felix sweetheart 💜

  • Luiza Stoica
    Luiza Stoica12 天 前

    you are so precious Felix, i love u

  • Katelyn Dunsmore
    Katelyn Dunsmore13 天 前


  • Katelyn Dunsmore

    Katelyn Dunsmore

    13 天 前

    even your smile and freckles are perfect

  • Victoria Ortiz
    Victoria Ortiz13 天 前

    Te amo

  • ᯤ ꗃ : minho bae!៹
    ᯤ ꗃ : minho bae!៹13 天 前

    bafta por dios, sos tan tiny, la forma en q le habla a stay, como sonríe, este chico es muy puro, dios se le ve re feliz, q chiquito

  • ᯤ ꗃ : minho bae!៹
    ᯤ ꗃ : minho bae!៹13 天 前

    Q lindo sos, siempre te escucho cada q voy a dormir, lixie the best boy :(.

  • ᯤ ꗃ : minho bae!៹
    ᯤ ꗃ : minho bae!៹13 天 前

    me da tristeza q algunas stays no vean este tipo de contenido de hace lixie. Lo q digo es q no muchas stays lo ven, y tampoco lo apoyan aún sabiendo q lixie hace estas cosas. Ya han pasado dos meses y nisiquiera 1M de apoyó, sabiendo q hay muchas stays en el fandom :(. Lixie se ve muy feliz haciendo esto.

  • Junnie Tae
    Junnie Tae13 天 前

    He is so cute, but his voice- Is so deep, but is chill

  • Karen :3
    Karen :313 天 前

    Felix relaja demasiado :3

  • bts TikTok edit Kpop
    bts TikTok edit Kpop13 天 前

    Felix is so cute and hot

  • melany mesa
    melany mesa14 天 前


  • Janet Arogundade
    Janet Arogundade14 天 前

    Ooooohhhhhh. His smile after blowing out the match stick😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dani Ela
    Dani Ela14 天 前

    He's literally beautiful inside and outside

  • Janet Arogundade
    Janet Arogundade14 天 前

    ”I really like your baking skills" "I really like your hairstyle" "I really like your smile" Coincidentally, those are compliments I want to give to you Felix. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💋💋

  • _belnn_
    _belnn_15 天 前


  • Deacs
    Deacs15 天 前

    I'm back watching this again because I could feel okay just listening to music ORRRR i could feel incredible by listening to Felix whisper stuff

  • Haydee auxiliadora Palacios
    Haydee auxiliadora Palacios15 天 前


  • Stn Kpp
    Stn Kpp15 天 前

    i miss those amsr video omg it help me so much to sleep

  • Sarah Jebbari
    Sarah Jebbari15 天 前

    felix really likes your smile 2:08

  • よんぼく
    よんぼく15 天 前


  • Diana Buentello
    Diana Buentello15 天 前


  • Guevarate K
    Guevarate K16 天 前

    Waiting for the next episode 🥺🥺🥺🖤

  • Tydd
    Tydd16 天 前

    This is the first time I've heard someone say it's harder to give a compliment than receive one. Also, it reminds me of something I wanted to do a couple of years ago. I wanted to get a nice notepad with decorative pages inside and write some encouraging song lyrics (with artist and title included), then leave the pages in random places around where I live for people to find, just to brighten their day, give them a boost, and maybe they'd wanna search for the song and listen to the whole thing. Because everyone feels crappy sometimes, and there are many amazing songs with lyrics that are really meaningful and uplifting, and it might help make some people realise none of us are alone, and that's coming from someone who has constantly felt alone, unwanted and unworthy their whole life. If I was to compliment Felix, I'd say he's very loving, gentle and makes so many people relaxed and happy.

  • Soleia
    Soleia16 天 前

    His deep voice resonates in all my body. Ugh so relaxing

  • Lex Esparza
    Lex Esparza16 天 前

    Bring back Felix' ASMR! PLEAAAAAAASE

  • Rawegg Felix
    Rawegg Felix16 天 前

    This was the best birthday 🎂 gift I got bc this was posted on my bday I’m ligit typing this 2months after lol

  • •JIYA•
    •JIYA•17 天 前

    Her voice like setisfised 🔪🔪felix is so cute and so coolest in the world i know i fan of you felix omg and your😇 smile 🍃🍂

  • xxsoulgirl0013
    xxsoulgirl001317 天 前

    i really love your ASMR

  • Marina Carriz
    Marina Carriz17 天 前

    So...can we get a season 2?

  • Névé Cooper
    Névé Cooper17 天 前

    I love these he’s so cute 🥺